Character Creation Page

Step 1 Make a name
When you were born your parents named you… If your name sucks or you do not choose a name, I reserve the right to deduct 15 points from your point pool in step 5… Eliot!

Step 2 Choose a childhood template
When you were younger, you were a… In this section think about your character’s motivations in Costagauna, and what you want to accomplish. Do you regret your past or embrace it?
Youth Background (Skill/Point Allocation=10, and, usually, a five point advantage)(Based on TL 7): Total Points 15

- Beach Bum: You’re like a hippy with a tan, and you got back onto your board after some gnarly wipeouts.
o Swimming/4
o Sport(Surfing)/4
o Carousing/2
o (Advantage) Rapid Healing

- Drug Dealer: You supplied the demand, but had to keep a lookout for the cops.
o Merchant(Narcotics)/4
o Holdout/2
o Streetwise/4
o (Advantage) Perception +1

- Gang Leader: You were the leader of a nonmusical street gang.
o Leadership/4
o Intimidation/4
o Driving(Motorcycle)/2
o (Advantage) Charisma +1

- Hippy Protester: You were a filthy, dirty, worthless hippy. You were dedicated to bringing down the “Man”.
o Public Speaking/4
o Current Affairs(Headline News)/4
o Merchant(Narcotics)/2
o (Advantage) Single-minded

- Ladies Man: Romancing women is your business. And business is up 7.5 points since last quarter.
o Sex appeal/4
o Carousing/4
o Dancing(Disco)/2
o (Advantage) Fashion Sense

- Military Cadet: You’re skilled in the world of war craft™ and doing 1000 pushups in a row.
o History(U.S. Military)/4
o Strategy(land)/4
o Guns(Rifle)/2
o (Advantage) Fit

- Prep School Student: You were bred for the Ivy League.
o Savoir-faire(High Society)/4
o Current Affairs(High Culture)/4
o Fencing/2
o (Advantage) Status +1

- Catholic School Student: Don’t worry, you weren’t raped…much.
o Theology(Catholic)/4
o Meditation/4
o Latin(Broken(speaking and reading)/2
o (Advantage) Claim to hospitality(Catholic Church)

- Self Proclaimed “Kung fu Master”: After watching grainy Chinese kung fu movies, you practiced ka-ra-te at a “Mc Dojo”.
o Karate/4
o Jumping/2
o Savoir-faire(Dojo)/4
o (Advantage) Striking ST +1

- Track Field Star: Like Forrest Gump; you can run fast and charm the pants off Chinese people.
o Running/4
o Jumping/4
o Throwing/2
o (Advantage) Basic Move +1

- Boy Scout: You were kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating Girl Scout Cookies, that is, cookies made of Girl Scouts.
o Orienteering/4
o Naturalist/4
o Packing/2
o (Advantage) Absolute direction

- Backpacking Foreign Exchange Student: You visited country. You enjoyed (country). You also learned how to speak (language). You also (past tense verb’ed) (an animal).
o Gesture/4
o Hiking/4
o Packing/2
o (Advantage) Cultural Familiarity (one country), One language spoken and written at fluent level

- Street Rat: You believe theft is the most sincere form of flattery, and you’ve flattered many people.
o Pickpocket/4
o Filch/4
o Streetwise/2
o (Advantage) High Manual Dexterity +1

Step 3 Choose one of the military career templates
After you finished with school you pursued a military career, and you became a… In this section, think about how your character accomplishes his goal. Is your character forceful or more nuanced?
Military Career Breakdown (Skill/Point Allocation)(Based on TL 7): Total Points 40

- Combat Engineer: As a matter of professional policy you don’t burn bridges. Sure, you can design them, build them, or blow them up, but you don’t burn them. It’s Inefficient.
o Armory(Small Arms)/4
o Armory(Body Armor)/4
o Brawling/1
o Carpentry/2
o Electrician/2
o Engineer(Combat)/8
o Engineer(Civil)/4
o Explosives(Demolition)/8
o Explosives(EOD)/4
o Guns(Rifle)/2
o Soldier/1

- Combat Medic: You once walked twelve miles with your hand in your captain’s neck to stop the bleeding of his carotid artery.
o Brawling/1
o Diagnosis/8
o First Aid/12
o Guns(Rifle)/4
o Guns(Pistol)/4
o Hiking/1
o Physician/4
o Psychology/1
o Physiology/1
o Soldier/4

- Embedded Agent: They don’t ask, and you don’t tell.
o Acting/4
o Body Language/1
o Brawling/1
o Carousing/4
o Disguise/2
o Escape/1
o Fast-Talk/8
o Guns(Rifle)/1
o Guns(Pistol)/4
o Holdout/4
o Lip Reading/1
o Observation/2
o Soldier/1
o Stealth/2
o Streetwise/4

- Frontline Squad Sergeant: You love the smell of napalm in the morning.
o Artillery(Cannon)/4
o Brawling/4
o Driving/2
o Fast-Draw(Rifle)/2
o Gunner(Machine Gun)/4
o Guns(Rifle)/4
o Guns(Pistol)/2
o Hiking/1
o Leadership/4
o Soldier/4
o Tactics/4
o Teaching/1
o Throwing/4

- J.A.G. Litigant: Mazal Tov! You just helped acquit 13 Nazi war criminals.
o Brawling/1
o Diplomacy/4
o Guns(Rifle)/1
o Interrogation/2
o Law(U.S. Military)/8
o Law(Costaguana Criminal)/4
o Law(International)/8
o Politics/1
o Public Speaking/4
o Research/4
o Soldier/1
o Strategy(Land)/1
o Tactics/1

- M.A.S.H. Doctor: You’re not as funny as Alan Alda, but you’re more deadly… IN THE OPERATING ROOM! ZING!!
o Biology/2
o Brawling/1
o Diagnosis/8
o Electronic Operations(Medical)/2
o Guns(Rifle)/1
o Pharmacy/2
o Physician/12
o Psychology/2
o Physiology(Human)/1
o Soldier/1
o Surgery/8

- Mechanic: You can fix anything… except your marriage.
o Armory(Small Arms)/4
o Armory(Body Armor)/4
o Armory(Heavy Weapon)/4
o Armory(Vehicular Armor)/4
o Brawling/1
o Electrician/1
o Guns(Rifle)/1
o Mechanic(Diesel Engine)/12
o Mechanic(Wheeled)/3
o Mechanic(Airplane)/3
o Soldier/1
o Driving/2

- Military Intelligence: Proving your job title isn’t an oxymoron since 1962.
o Body Language/2
o Brawling/1
o Cryptography/2
o Detect Lies/4
o Economics/2
o Electronics Operations(Surveillance)/1
o Electronics Operation(communications)/4
o Guns(Rifle)/1
o Intelligence Analysis/8
o Interrogation/4
o Propaganda/2
o Psychology/1
o Soldier/1
o Sociology/1
o Strategy(Land)/4
o Tactics(Land)/2

- Military Police: You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes… if Sherlock Holmes was armed with assault rifle and hopped-up on PCP.
o Brawling/4
o Criminology/4
o Detect Lies/4
o Driving/2
o Electronics Operations(Security)/2
o Forced Entry/4
o Guns(Rifle)/4
o Guns(Pistol)/1
o Interrogation/2
o Intimidation/1
o Law(U.S. Military Police)/1
o Melee Weapons(Short sword)/2
o Savoir-Faire(Police)/1
o Search/4
o Soldier/4

- Pilot: You joined the military so you could fly high… that’s probably why they fired you.
o Brawling/1
o Crewman(Seamanship)/4
o Driving(Automobile)/8
o Electronics Operations(Sensors)/4
o Guns(Pistol)/4
o Mechanic(Diesel Engine)/1
o Piloting(Helicopter)/8
o Piloting(Light Airplane)/8
o Soldier/1
o Parachuting/1

- Special Forces Recon: You’ve seen a little bit of everything, usually through the scope of your rifle.
o Brawling/1
o Camouflage/4
o Cartography/1
o Climbing/1
o Explosives(UD)/1
o Explosives(demolition)/1
o Forward Observer/1
o Guns(Rifle)/8
o Guns(Pistol)/1
o Hiking/1
o Melee Weapons(Knife)/2
o Observation/4
o Parachuting/1
o Soldier/4
o Stealth/4
o Survival/4
o Swimming/1

- Quartermaster: You joined the army by accident, thinking the position of quartermaster was in the treasury department.
o Administration/12
o Merchant/8
o Brawling/2
o Fast-talk/4
o Packing/2
o Guns(Rifle)/2
o Soldier/2
o Smuggling/4
o Scrounging/4

- Commander: In your service you received four purple hearts, strangely on every occasion you were shot in the back.
o Diplomacy/4
o Economics/1
o Electronics Operations(Communications)/2
o Intelligence Analysis/2
o Leadership/8
o Politics/1
o Public Speaking/2
o Soldier/2
o Strategy/8
o Tactics/8
o Guns(Rifle)/2

Step 4 Assigning Disadvantages/Quirks and reducing abilities
Everyone has weaknesses and/or vices. What are yours? This section will further define your character

- Attributes
o In this section you may not reduce ST or HT, Per, and Fatigue to less than 10, also all other attributes cannot fall below 9. This is a representation of the minimum requirement of the armed services.

- Disadvantages
o You will receive up to -20 point of disadvantages, although you can choose additional advantages

- Quirks
o You will receive -2 point of quirks, although you can choose additional quirks.

Step 5 Assign your discretionary points (Points gained from step 4 + 50 = Discretionary points)
- Assigning Points
o You can choose any skill or ability as long as it is…
 Era appropriate (look to TL 7)
 Not cinematic (unless I ok it)
 Not supernatural
 Note: This is a guideline, I still can disallow anything if I don’t like it

Step 6 Get your standard issue equipment
- Armor
o Improved Fragmentation Vest: DR 4/2, Weight 8lbs.
o Boots: DR 2, Weight 3
o Frag Helmet: DR 5, Weight 3

- Weapons
o Walther PPK, .32 ACP: Damage 2d-1 pi-, Acc. 1, Shots 7+1(3), Blk -1, Rcl 2
o Survival Knife(Titanium)

- Personal
o Suitcase
o U.N. Uniform
o Casual Clothes
o $250

- Party
o Willys CJ-5(Jeep): HP 55
o Bed in the U.N. Barracks (Near Costagauna City)

Character Creation Page

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