The year is 1975, and trouble needs to be solved in the most indirect, obtuse, and violent way possible. Enter the PCs.

Costagauna is an island nation northeast of South America. It has several factions, including the Peoples Republic of Costagauna and the Unified Democracy of Costagauna, Olympic Trading Company, pirates and drugs runners.

The PCs, all Vietnam vets originally born and raised in Costagauna, are sent in by the UN to help stabilize the situation. They’re actually operating under the auspices of the United States, and are given wide berth in their goal to make a stable nation friendly to the US.

Please refer to the Character Creation Page when creating your guy.

Refer to the Ground Rules page for additional game info.

Costagauna Timeline


State Map

Geo Map 1

Geo Map 2


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